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Our Unique Solution

Like you, we are also trying to gain more time and diversify our passive investment portfolio and have also experienced some of the challenges as passive investors.

We made sure to come up with our unique solutions.


Single deal or blind fund

Passive investors grapple with deciding whether to commit a significant sum to a single deal, risking concentrated exposure, or opt for a blind fund, which lacks full transparency on individual property details.

No or limited access to Quality Sponsors/Operators

Premium sponsors often don't actively seek retail investors, making it challenging for passive investors to access experienced and reputable operators in real estate syndications.

Due Diligence (How and What)

Passive investors struggle with evaluating the quality of deals due to limited expertise, making it difficult to distinguish between sound and risky investments.

Hard to diversify

High minimum investment requirements in many syndications limit passive investors' ability to diversify their real estate portfolio across multiple properties or projects, potentially concentrating their risk.

Complicated Tax Returns

Investing in multiple deals results in managing multiple K-1 forms, which can be a tax-season burden for passive investors, requiring professional assistance and adding complexity to their returns.


Customizable Fund

Investors can opt for a customizable fund that allows them to invest in specific properties they prefer, avoiding the blind fund dilemma and focusing on cash flow.

Quality Partners

Access to premium sponsors is now available even with lower investment minimums, ensuring that passive investors can collaborate with experienced and reputable operators in the real estate market.

Due Diligence

Investors can benefit from institutional-level due diligence and receive white-glove service from the fund, enhancing their ability to evaluate and select high-quality deals.


Returns from investments can be directly deployed within a user-friendly portal, giving investors the flexibility to manage their returns efficiently.


This approach is more efficient in terms of time, money, and tax management, as investors receive only one K-1 form, simplifying the tax reporting process.

How it works

Freedom Growth Fund presents to you 4 to 10 highly vetted opportunities a year for accredited investors to invest

You decide which opportunity meets your investment terms

Investor can invest in those with lower minimum typically $25k - $50k per deal

Relax, enjoy the monthly or quarterly update and distribution and one tax form for all deals

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