Providing a customizable platform for true passive investing.


Our Long-Standing Experience

With our combined experience in the industry, we are enabling more diversification, superior sponsors, transparency and customization into your investing. All that is to help you invest well so you can focus on what matters!

We have a wealth of experience as a landlord with a rental portfolio valued at over $10 million. In addition to our role as landlords, We've worked as a wholesaler, real estate agent, and have invested well over seven figures as passive investors. Our investments span various asset classes, including single-family homes, multi-family properties, mobile home parks, short-term rentals, real estate debt, and ATM ventures. We've allocated over $3 million of investors' capital toward the acquisition of more than 1,000 apartment complexes, mobile home parks, and short-term rental properties, and we've built a community of over 40 passive investors who share in these ventures.


We are passive investors too

Like you, we are trying to gain more time and diversify our passive investment portfolio. We have managed to invest well over seven figures as passive investors. A community of 40+ passive investors were built and we have allocated $3M capital across 1000+ apartment complexes, mobile home parks and short-term rentals. We have also experienced some of the challenges as passive investors and we made sure to provide the solutions.

Meet the Team

Micy Liu

Avestor Verified

Yuhui “Micy” Liu has been investing in real estate since 2019. Her expertise has been data-driven due diligence in commercial real estate. She also has over 8 years of experience in the corporate world in acquisitions, data analytics, and project management which has helped herself and her investors in the due diligence process. She invested in long term, short term rentals, fix and flip as active investors before focusing more on commercial real estate. She actively invested as co-general partners and fund managers in the 1,107 units. Micy is also an active podcast and a meetup host for commercial real estate in Northwest Arkansas.

She also has her Master’s in Data analytics and has a tech background. Along with her multiple meetups and podcasts, she reaches out to 1st and 2nd generation immigrants and help them learn more about time, financial and geography freedom.

Grace Wang

Avestor Verified

Grace is a full-time passive and active real estate investor and the founder of PNW Investment Group, a passive investors group based out of Redmond, Washington. She has owned and managed over 130+ doors including single-family, multifamily, and mobile home parks. She also passively invested in over 4500+ units multifamily, as well as various alternative investments such as ATM fund, debt fund, and short-term rental fund.

Prior to real estate, Grace obtained her doctorate degree in pharmacy and has been a hospital pharmacist for 10+ years. As a mother of two young children, she has gone through many ups and downs before she found her way to replace her high 6 figure salary with alternative investments so that she could break free from her W2 and focus more energy and time on her children.

Since then, she has focused on helping other professional moms and tired landlords to transition from making active income to receiving passive income, so that they can gain back time.

Combined Experience


Capital allocated towards 1,000 + units across apartment complexes, MHP & STR


Additionally invested in passive investments ourselves


We were operators too


40 + passive investors to date


Raised in total of $3,000,000+

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