Frequently Asked Questions

How to qualify and apply for the fund?

To qualify, you must first be an accredited investor. The preferred qualification is someone who also has some level of investment experience as the fund is only limited to 99 spots per Securities and Exchange Commission Requirement.

To apply, you can click here. It will take you to our portal where you can register with your email address and phone number. Upon registration, you will hear from either from Micy or Grace via email about next steps on the application.

What is the minimum to invest in the fund?

Even though the minimum to invest at the fund level is $25,000, the additional investment into the same deal in the fund can be lower. The minimum can also be higher at a per deal level. Our investors typically invest $50k - $100k or more into an opportunity.

What kind of deals shall I expect to see in the fund?

We pride ourselves in capital preservation first and profit second model. Our goal with the fund is to strike a balance between debt and equities deals across several recession resistant or complementary asset classes including mobile home parks, multi-family, industrial, ATM machines, self storage etc. Most of our assets will be backed by hard assets like real estate.

What kind of returns are projected for the fund?

We always look for returns that are asymmetrical to the risks out there. Depending on the specific opportunities’ related risks(debt, equity, lien position etc), it can typically be anywhere between 7% - 20% average annual return. Most of our opportunities will be backed by hard assets like real estate.

Do I have to invest in every deal in the fund?

This is not a blind fund. This is a customizable fund. Therefore, it is up to individual investors in the fund to choose which deal within the fund to invest in.

How many deals a year shall I expect to see in the fund?

We pride ourselves in quality vs. quantity. However, we do see the importance of diversifying across opportunities to investors that fit their investment portfolios. Therefore, it is our goal to have 4 - 10 investment opportunities per deal depending on market conditions. Investors can pick the investment they like to invest in it.

How does this impact my taxes?

We are not financial advisors or CPA and can not provide advice related to taxes. However, for each calendar year you invested with us, you will receive a K1 form from us so that you and your CPAs can use this to complete tax filing related to your investment in your fund. One benefits of the fund is that no matter how many deals you invest in within the fund, you will receive one complied K1 from us - no need to chase down numerous k1 based on how many deals you invest in.

Can I just leave the money in the fund until I see an opportunity in the fund I want to invest in?

Yes you can  leave the money in the fund until you see an opportunity in the fund you  want to invest in. In fact, that is how we intended for the fund to work for you - transfer money to the fund and invest when it make sense to you while leaving the rest in cash positions or opportunities in the fund with liquidity options. Just like how a brokerage account like Chares Schwab or Fidelity would work.

What do you do to protect my capital?

We have a series of due diligence checks and processes that we do at sponsor (operator) level, asset class type, market and deal level. To give investors a flavor of the type of due diligence we have, you can download our free-ebook “Top 10 red flags in a passive investment”. For additional due diligence details, please schedule a call with us and we can chat more.

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